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Whether you would like a simple patio or would like to use it as the start of an outdoor room, we’ll walk you through all the choices and details to make sure your patio provides enjoyment for many years. From selecting the actual pavers or stone for your patio, to putting the finishing touches in with landscape plantings, fire pits, or stone walls, we can help make your patio special.


Warmth on a cool Carolina autumn night, great conversations with family and friends and a feeling of peace under the open sky are just a few reasons fire pits are one of the most popular features in landscape design. The round design of many fire pits creates a natural gathering and conversation spot, especially if it is built into a patio and includes furniture or seating areas. Outdoor fireplaces bring a romantic feel to your outdoor living areas. By creating boundaries, they bring the coziness of the living room to outdoors. Fireplaces create a focal point in your outdoor space, welcoming your guests to gather and sit nearby. We’ll help you design an outdoor fireplace that will make you want to spend more of your time outside.


Is your grass looking a bit sparse? Do you have bare spots in your yard? Or, do you need new sod installed? Our sod installers are here to help you, we’ll install your sod correctly and efficiently. Sodding a lawn gives instant gratification. It is also the only practical method for establishing some warm season turfs. Another advantage to sodding is in getting turf to grow on slopes.

Pine straw prevents the growth of weeds, and therefore, less lawn weed control. While the pine straw begins to degrade and get absorbed by your garden, it provides lawn treatment giving your plants what it needs to grow. If some of your lawn repair comes from over saturation of your flowers due to frequent rain, then pine straw is the perfect solution. Not only will the pine straw not wash away due to the rain, but it will help drive some of the excess water away from your garden.